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In front of the town church of St. Nicolai (built in 1476), you will find the area where the farmer markets were held, and which today is a very popular and inviting pedestrian area. More than 100 half-timbered houses and 3 fortified towers with pieces of the surrounding walls will give you an idea and picture of what the town and ist lifestyle were like in former centuries.

Now shops and alternative restaurants exist in harmony with the old and historic lifestyle. Also, as signposts for your way through the city, the numerous wells and sculptures can be used, again reminding you of our famous son. The water bubbles out of the halved horse in the park in front of the city hall, the wells in the middle of the "Grosse Strasse" will tell you some of the most famous stories of the Baron, the huge rotating ball at the "Muehlentor" marks the end of the former island Bodenwerder was founded on and at the boat anchor at the river walk you can discover the lost half of the horse. Maybe a short walk along the river will inspire you to visit the village of Kemnade, at whose Cloister Church Hieronymus of Muenchhausen was buried in 1797.

Spare time and Relaxation

If you are looking for spare time or relaxation far away from the hectic pace of the big cities, Bodenwerder and its surrounding areas offer possibilities in many different ways. The river, the soft hills and the forests all around invite you to sample boat journeys, fishing, hiking or biking. Or, you can also discover the old cultured countryside by car from Bodenwerder.

Fun and excitement is waiting for you and your kids at the new summer toboggan, the public swimming pool with its huge indoor slide and picnic areas or at the roller skating course. For fieldtrips to close-by areas you can use the comfortable biking trails along the River, as well as the very well developed net of hiking paths immediately accessible from the town.

At the modern "Cure-house" and the "Acupoint-Massage-Institute according to Penzel" in Heyen, a very individual cure vacation can be worked out that offers you excellent therapy possibilities to bring body and soul in unison again. The boats of the "white fleet" conveys you as a pedestrian or with your bike a nice way river up- and downward.

The Baron of Muenchhausen will abduct you from your daily routine! Learn more about him and his wonderful adventures during a guided tour at the "Muenchhausenroom". It will be a special treat and a high pleasured experience.


"Aristocracy obligates," and the Baron of Muenchhausen signifies for his birthplace and hometown a very special obligation. But anyone who believes that in Bodenwerder everything told is a lie is highly mistaken. Not to the lie, but to the fantastic, wonderful and diverse are the events devoted that take place throughout the year.

The Baron and his table guests invite you from May until October every 1st Sunday of each month to the Muenchhausenplay in front of the City hall. Every 3rd Sunday of each month it is possible to take a look into the Grotto pavilion, where once Hieronymus of Muenchhausen had his hunting room, in which he told his wonderful adventure stories.

Each May the City of Bodenwerder gives out the Muenchhausen-Award. With festive activities in the center of the town, this event is additionally celebrated one whole day. On the 2nd Saturday in the month of August, the lightning festival on and around the river Weser takes place. Besides many attractions in the afternoon, the biggest fireworks in all of north Germany will start at sunset and leave you with some unforgettable impressions.

Finally, the first weekend in September presents a big competition of street painters; of course it is surrounded with all kinds of delicious treats and shows for all visitors. Music and Markets in the center of Bodenwerder attract a lot of visitors throughout the year. Actually there is always something to see in town, not at least in the Muenchhausen Museum that in opened daily from Easter time until October.

Mail information
Münchhausenplatz 3
D-37619 Bodenwerder
Phone: 05533/405-41 Fax: 05533/405-62

76m above zero

Population: 6500 inhabitants

Distances in km:
25 km to Hameln
27 km to Holzminden
70 km to Hannover


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